Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Business Acquisitions

Business Acquisitions
3 Months Ended
Mar. 30, 2019
Business Combinations [Abstract]  


Acquisition of Faster

On April 5, 2018, the Company completed the acquisition of Faster S.p.A, a worldwide leader in engineering, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of quick release hydraulic coupling solutions headquartered near Milan, Italy.  Pursuant to the Share Purchase Agreement, the Company acquired all of the outstanding equity interests of Polyusus Lux IV S.a.r.l., a Luxembourg limited liability company and the owner of 100% of the share capital of Faster S.p.A. The acquisition was completed for cash consideration totaling $532,408 and was financed with cash on hand from the Company’s registered public stock offering and borrowings of $358,000 on its credit facility. Subsequent to the acquisition, the legal structure of Faster was changed to Faster S.r.l.

Faster adds adjacent hydraulics products to the Company’s portfolio of products and broadens end market reach, increasing the Company’s presence in the growing agriculture market. The results of Faster’s operations are reported in the Company’s Hydraulics segment and have been included in the consolidated financial statements since the acquisition date.

The Share Purchase Agreement allows for future payments to the sellers for certain tax benefits realized within two years of the acquisition date. The estimated fair value of the contingent liability was determined to be $938 as of the acquisition date. See Note 4 for a summary of the change in estimated fair value of the contingent liability.

The fair value of total purchase consideration consisted of the following:







Acquisition date fair value of contingent consideration





Total purchase consideration





Less: cash acquired





Total purchase consideration, net of cash acquired





The purchase price was allocated to tangible and intangible assets acquired and liabilities assumed based on their estimated fair values. The allocation of the total purchase price, net of cash acquired, is as follows:


Accounts receivable










Other current assets





Property, plant and equipment










Intangible assets





Other assets





Total assets acquired





Accounts payable





Accrued expenses





Incomes taxes payable





Other current liabilities





Other noncurrent liabilities





Total liabilities assumed





Fair value of net assets acquired





Goodwill is primarily attributable to Faster’s assembled workforce and anticipated synergies and economies of scale expected from the operations of the combined company. The synergies include certain cost savings, operating efficiencies, and other strategic benefits projected to be achieved as a result of the acquisition. Of the total goodwill acquired, approximately $4,337 is expected to be deductible for tax purposes.

Transaction costs of $1,060 incurred in connection with the acquisition are included in Selling, engineering and administrative expenses in the Consolidated Statement of Operations for the three months ended March 31, 2018.

Intangible Assets

The fair value of identified intangible assets and their respective useful lives are as follows:



Fair Value






Periods (Yrs)


Trade name


















Customer relationships









Sales order backlog









Identified intangible assets









Unaudited Pro Forma Information

The following unaudited pro forma financial information presents combined results of operations for each of the periods presented, as if Faster had been acquired as of the beginning of 2017.  The pro forma information includes adjustments to amortization and depreciation for intangible assets and property, plant and equipment and interest expense from borrowings to fund the acquisition.  Non-recurring pro forma adjustments directly attributable to the acquisition included in the pro forma information presented below include transaction costs totaling $1,060, amortization of Faster pre-acquisition loan costs of $2,328 and loss on forward contract entered into in connection with the acquisition totaling $505.  

The pro forma information does not reflect any operating efficiencies or potential cost savings that may result from the acquisition. Accordingly, the pro forma information is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to present or be indicative of the actual results of operations of the combined company that may have been achieved had the acquisition actually occurred at the beginning of 2017, nor is it intended to represent or be indicative of future results of operations of the combined business. Consequently, actual results will differ from the unaudited pro forma information presented below.



Three months ended




March 31, 2018


Net sales





Operating income





Net income





Basic and diluted net income per common share






Acquisition of Custom Fluidpower

On August 1, 2018, the Company acquired all of the outstanding equity interests of Custom Fluidpower Pty Ltd, an Australian proprietary limited liability company. The acquisition was completed pursuant to a Share Sale Agreement among the Company and the shareholders of Custom Fluidpower. The fair value of consideration paid at closing totaled $26,655 and included 333,065 shares of the Company’s common stock and cash of $9,315; cash paid net of cash acquired totaled $7,518. The cash consideration was funded with borrowings on the Company’s credit facility.

Custom Fluidpower was acquired to further diversify the Company’s hydraulics product and service portfolio and broaden the Company’s global footprint. The results of Custom Fluidpower’s operations are reported in the Company’s Hydraulics segment and have been included in the consolidated financial statements since the date of acquisition. Supplemental pro forma information has not been provided as the acquisition did not have a material impact on the Company’s consolidated results of operations.

The Company recorded $5,111 in goodwill and $7,556 in other identifiable intangible assets in connection with the acquisition; however, the purchase price allocation is preliminary, pending final intangibles valuation and tax related adjustments, and may be revised during the remainder of the measurement period (which will not exceed 12 months from the acquisition date). Any such revisions or changes to the fair values of the tangible and intangible assets acquired and liabilities assumed may be material.